Tree Maintenance

The Tree Company provides a full tree maintance service. Tree pruning is important to keep trees healthier and to manage trees to make sure they don't outgrow their environment. We offer correct arboricultural advice regarding pruning effects on the various species of trees, as all trees respond differently and can be affected by times of the year that trees are pruned.

Options for pruning are as follows:

  • Crown reduction - To prune the entire crown of the tree using arboricultural pruning cuts, retaining a good form of the trees crown. Crown reductions are done to reduce end weight of branches, stopping them breaking under their own weight. Also the air can pass more easily throughout the tree crown, reducing wind drag effect.
  • Crown thinning - To thin out selected branches where tree crowns have become to dense. Crown thinning is done to improve light and to let air pass more easily throughout the tree crown, reducing wind drag effect.
  • Pollarding - To remove all live growth back to main truck. Pollarding is usually done when a tree has become too large for its surroundings and other pruning methods would be of little benefit. Also can be done to invigorate a tree when in poor health rather than fell and remove.
  • Crown cleaning - To remove dead diseased and crossing branches. Crown cleaning is done to eliminate potential problem branches, improve the aesthetics of the tree and make the tree safer.

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